The dynamic development of PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES, can confirm in many ways that it is among the top established local businesses in the field of production and distribution of confectionery and bakery products.

Having true knowledge of the market, the Management takes big risks, proceeds in an ongoing internal restructuring and renewal of technological equipment; it introduces innovative methods and invests in modernization.  All of these are constituted as the vital elements that establish the company amongst the pioneers!

Its modern and flexible approach towards major new challenges in such a competitive environment presents a rapid growth. The company is always a step ahead in the latest developments in the field, which is why consumers place it high on their list of preference.

The continuing devotion of our customers is beyond doubt! Our company knows firsthand how to keep strong ties with its buying public.

This relationship of trust, reliability, honesty and respect with our customers has deep roots and our dominance in the field has established solid foundations. PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES is the largest bakery chain in the city of Paphos!



Having developed a powerful business model with targeted moves, the company methodically achieves a high level of both growth and profitability.

The evidence so far, since the first opening PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES, do credit to the choices made by the Management and their accurate strategic moves and decisions which provide a positive feedback in achieving their goals and the long-term business plan.

Amongst the current objectives are the expansion of both its activities and the range of its marketing products, as well as the development of an online store, to maintain its authentic profile and the development of new investment initiatives.

The market share expansions in existing lines as well as the establishment of new ones remain the company’s main strategic objective.

The company decided to invest on the constant opening of new stores, as it foresaw that certain locations can provide a further development in its sales and achievement of its goals. PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES is then, next expanding in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Famagusta district.

With a powerful vision and solid steps, PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES is moving towards a clear path to success!


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