N. PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES LTD was founded in Paphos by Mr. Nikos Papantoniou. It was established as a company of limited liability on 20/04/2007, with the main purpose of manufacturing and selling confectionery and bakery products.

In 2007 the first store is available for the buying public in 36 Agapinoros Street, in Kato Paphos.

Papantoniou Bakeries then become a touchstone in the entire region. Its reputation goes beyond imagination, and establishes a trustworthy relationship with the buying public.

In the following years, the Management team manages to keep a steady growth path for the company. Unabated, and within the expansion framework of the sales network, it proceeds with significant investments, which enhance the company’s presence in the market. PAPANTONIOY BAKERIES in Agapinoros street ultimately evolves into a chain store!

The turnover is then increased year by year. The continuous rise in sales is a fact!

At present, N. PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES LTD is expanded with a total of 10 branches (one in 2007, one in 2008, two in 2009, two in 2011, one in 2012, two in 2013, and one in 2014), within Paphos region.



Seven years after, yet the most important element for our overachieving company remains its strong loyalty. Consumers recognize that the high quality of our products is beyond doubt.

With the driving force of tradition, therefore, in delivering fresh pastry and confectionery products, in combination with the seven-year experience and expertise, our company currently produces more than 400 quality, high-standard products.

Despite the continual and dramatic growth of the economic recession, our company holds a significant market share.



In 2012 N. PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES LTD, invested more than € 2, 5 millions for the creation of a new production point in the Industrial Area of Tremithousa, which features 2,000 square meters of production units.



Today, our company is among the leaders of production and distribution of confectionery and bakery products.

The aroma of the freshly baked loaf, the multigrain bread, the crunchy, fluffy bun of Thessaloniki, the traditional sweets of Constantinople, the delicious oriental “galaktoboureko”, the alluring pastries, the freshly baked croissants… all these sensational temptations, uniquely prepared and served by  PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES.

PAPANTONIOY BAKERIES made an impact of success. And it still has a lot more to show!


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