The tradition of good taste



The process of kneading in PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES is a work of art, a ritual. Basic requirements... love and passion!

Our bakers get their rightful place in the kitchen early in the morning every day, ready to create a masterpiece of freshly baked products. The natural raw materials, pure and carefully chosen, the timeless authenticity in quality and the traditional tastes are one of a kind!

The smell of the freshly baked bread, the traditional pies, the savory snacks, cakes and pastries bring back to life the familiar flavors and experiences of our childhood.

Back then… when the aroma of warm pastries coming from the ovens of our grandmothers, flooding in the streets and neighborhoods of the village!

Those traditional Cypriot flavours, passed on from generation to generation, are now revived and aim to change our daily lives, adding rich culinary delights of high nutritional value.

For PAPANTONIOU BAKERIES, great taste is an equivalent of tradition and quality!


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